“Welcome to AEC — where we are dedicated to cultivating future leaders with a global perspective and making exceptional contributions to the advancement of global education.”

Our mission:

AEC is committed to delivering high-quality education and fostering talents with a global outlook and cross-cultural communication skills. Through collaboration with educational institutions worldwide, AEC shares resources, leverages mutual strengths, and jointly elevates the standard of education. Our ultimate goal is to propel the progress of global education, cultivate more outstanding talents for society, and strive to be a practitioner and contributor to global education.

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AEC (Agapa Education Corp) is an authoritative educational enterprise jointly founded by leading educational figures from the United States and Canada. With nearly 40 years of profound educational experience, AEC consistently upholds professionalism and excellence, setting a benchmark philosophy for collaboration and development in the global education sector.


Drawing upon its outstanding management expertise, AEC successfully oversees three renowned universities in North America and holds shares in several others. Our educational network spans across North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, showcasing AEC’s profound strength and influence in the global education arena.


Inspired by the seven core educational philosophies of “Learning, Humility, Integrity, Collaboration, Courage, Service, and Excellence,” AEC’s founder and CEO formulated a unique set of educational management theories. These theories have not only laid a solid foundation for AEC but have also driven innovation and progress in educational methodologies worldwide。


The seven fundamental educational tenets of ‘Learning, Humility, Integrity, Collaboration, Courage, Service, and Excellence’ encapsulate the guiding principles for the future direction of educational methodologies.

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